How We Work

Our farms are where ideas come to life: where we build, grow and innovate new production methods for a strong community. Base on assessment surveys in the Spean Tnaot community and the local vegetable market in Siem Reap, we identified four main challenges in community which (1) farmers are lack of technical and financial means to improve farmer livelihood, (2) low prices in the current sales channels, (3) lack of skills and equipment to process vegetables and fruits, and (4) consumer buy vegetables with high levels of pesticides. 
Phum Farm is started-up to tackle the challenges in community. In order to solve the challenges, we work and support farmers to increase the agricultural productions in community and also we find the market to sell the farmer products. 

Demo Farm

We set up a demo farm in the village where a place for demonstration and provide training to farmers. Farmers can visit, join training and practice at demo farm that we have technical team to support them. 

What is our quality standard? 

We don’t allow our farmers use chemical fertilizer. Our agronomist and team provide training to farmers how to make compost fertilizer for growing vegetables.

We don’t allow farmers to use chemical pesticide. Phum Farm team provide training to farmers how to make and use bio-pesticide.

Quality control

In order to ensure farmers follow our standard of chemical-free, we form the committee of Participatory Guarantee System (PSG) in order to monitor our standard where we agreed and defined “chemical-free”.

How we support farmers

We provide training to farmers include compost fertilizer, bio-pesticide, growing khnow-how etc who join with Phum Farm. Some farmers who identified as poor condition they will receive pre-financial support from Phum Farm but they are required to payback in one year. Phum Farm makes contract with farmers for purchasing their products and Phum Farm will find the market to sell all those products. 


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