Get Involved

Farmers join with Phum Phum

We need more farmers to join with Phum Farm and the numbers of farmer will be increased from year to year. We are happy to have new farmers. Also, we are pleased if community, agricultural cooperatives, associations, and NGOs want to partner with Phum Farm.

Market partner

We need more shop partners to buy our products. If shops, markets, store and super-markets need free-chemical products or if you need any specific products (vegetables, fruits, local made products…) we can discuss how we can work together.

Volunteers and trainee

We build the local human resource in community where we work. We offer opportunity to youth who finish in high school and who dropped out from secondary school and high school. They will come to learn and support farmers in community. Also, students from universities are welcome to learn and deliver their skills to community.


This is the preorder our products that we called “crowdfunding”. You can support community by preorder any product from Phum Farm and wait to receive the products when we can produce at the specific period.

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